Murphy - Kalm Sea's Here Comes Trouble CD                          11/1/97-12/1/08


Murphy is my good luck charm.  As a 12 week old puppy, Murphy became the official mascot of the QVC Network.  I met my Husband there, when Murphy ran in to his dressing room one day.  Murphy spent five years there full time working day in and day out, and doing everything I asked of him.  Now Murphy is retired, and while he makes an occasional visit to QVC, he spends most of his time hanging out with me and the Aussies.  Murphy is one of those life time dogs....He will always be my most favorite Golden in the world!

Unfortunately, we lost Murphy recently to cancer.  He is greatly missed everyday, and its hard to believe that he won't be around to accompany us to shows and trials.  Rest well, Murph....we love you and take good care of Tanner and Rounder.



Photo above:  Mike Bailey Photography

Murphy runs agility for the first time at 10 years old