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Dan and Kelly Hughes

Dan and Kelly Hughes


My husband, Dan, and I enjoy our small farm in Chester County, PA.  Currently, we share our home with five Aussies.  We also have a cat, a flock of Katahdin cross sheep a dozen or so Khaki Campbell ducks and two mini donkeys.  We bought this property in 2002, mostly for the dogs, but also for our enjoyment.

I have been exposed to dogs and dog training all my life.  My Grandmother is a licensed AKC Superintendent, and is the person responsible for introducing me to dog sports.  She raised, showed, and trialed (obedience) German Shepherds.  As an adult, my breed of choice was the Labrador Retriever, but after a few years I decided I wanted a breed with more focus, drive, and biddability.  After almost two years of research, I purchased my first Australian Shepherd and have not turned back since.

Now that I have spent a few years getting exposed to the different "types" of Aussies,  I have decided to strive for and occasionally breed for the "All around Aussie".  In other words, an Aussie that can go from ring to ring....from the stock arena, to the breed ring, to the agility arena, to being an outstanding companion, etc.  To me, the Australian Shepherd is the ideal versatility dog in competition, on the farm, and in a qualified home.

At the moment, we compete in stock, agility, ASCA Conformation and occasionally Obedience.  We are proud members of ASCA, Brandywine Valley ASC (which I am currently Vice President), and USASA.  I am an American Herding Breeds Assoc. Judge, and enjoy competing and judging in that venue.  In our spare time, Dan and I try to volunteer our services to ARPH.

I hope you enjoy our site and thank you for visiting!