Raven grip front leg

Punchline Farm is located in South Eastern Pennsylvania, in the heart of the Brandywine River Valley.  We own a small hobby farm where we raise a small flock of hair sheep, and Khaki Campbell ducks.  A lot of time is spent training and caring for the dogs we take a lot of pride in.  Please come in, take a look at and enjoy our dogs and the rest of our site.  Thank you for visiting!


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Those interested in the Australian Shepherd should be aware there are no size varieties of Australian Shepherds. There is no officially recognized Australian Shepherd variety such as "Standard," "Mini/Miniature," or "Toy" Australian Shepherd. Advertisers of Standard, Miniature, and Toy varieties of Australian Shepherds are simply employing marketing terminologies to facilitate the sale of animals to the unsuspecting public that are, in reality, just dramatically smaller than the norm. Responsible, reputable Australian Shepherd breeders who care about protecting this unique American breed of stock dog do not promote the sale of Standard or Miniature or Toy varieties of Australian Shepherds. This is a marketing ploy to sell faulty, undersized pups for increased price

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