WTCH HC HTCH 4 Mile Punchline Rantin N Raven  RTDcs, AFTDm,   JS-E, GS-E, RS-E, HTADIIIcds, RTDIIIs, HTDIIId, HTDIs, HXAcd, HIAs, NAJ 

Fall of 2010


Raven at 2 years old



DOB:  5/8/08

Black tri female/intact

OFA:  Hips  Good                       


           Elbows Normal

           Thyroid Normal


CERF:  Clear

18 3/4 "    39 lbs

Breeders:  Mike and Ally Bryant, Four Mile Aussies

HOF WTCH Rockngs Kodiak Bear "Cody" X  WTCH 4Mile Jane St. Clair RTDs "Jane"

Raven is a new venture for first Aussie from all working lines.  Raven is "Little Miss Independent", but she thoroughly enjoys learning, and is always ready to go when needed. She along with Tosca is my "go to" dog here at the farm.   Her structure is nice.....We may even show our working dog in the breed ring :O)  We love this little dog, and enjoy having her in the household.  So far, Raven has earned several titles in various venues on stock, has begun her agility career, and has even helped me out at work with live airings and photo shoots.  Raven keeps evolving as a stock dog and is so much to learn with to help me become a better handler and trainer.  

Thank you, Mike and Ally for letting us have Raven!



Above movement at a year old, and below, movement at 2 years old.



Above:  8 months old


Above:   4 weeks old


Above:   8 weeks old


Above:  10 1/2 weeks old


Above:  5 months old


BOBp under SBJ Anne Shope 10/24/08


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